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When it comes to understanding sexes and relationships, the statement, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” seems to be true. In many cases, people considering entering into relationships are clueless to what their potential partners are looking for in a person in regards to life, love and conjugal rights.

Women’s desire for men doesn’t differ much from men’s desire for women. However, to avoid future breakups and total relationship disconnections, it’s important for women to understand what men want from women. What are the “Men’s desire for women” tips should you know to find a good husband or keep your marriage on track?

5 Tips to What Men Want from Women in a Relationship:
Tip 1 – Every man wants a woman with a high degree of honesty

Good, bad, or indifferent, a man wants you to be honest with him about all things in life. When you meet your significant other for the first time, there’s every chance that you’ll show a different persona and may even tell tall tales about your life. Nevertheless, your man would like to see and know the “real” you. Don’t hide anything about yourself. Don’t decorate yourself just to impress him. Regardless of how clever you may think you’re, your man can easily identify the “real” you and the “fake” you.

Tip 2 – Men want women to make them feel proud about who they are

For your second “what men want from women” tip, you need to know that men are looking for women who’ll like them for the way they are. Many women, whether knowingly or unknowingly, will try to shape their men to what they feel is right. Your man needs your whole-hearted support for everything he does. He wants to know that he provides for your family and that you’re very proud of him. Don’t demean whatever he does, and keep nagging down to a minimum. If you do any of these things, your relationship will be in trouble.

Tip 3 – Every man wants a woman who can understand him

You should know that men are always more sensitive than women. Of course this seems surprising, isn’t it? The major idea here is that it’s usually more difficult for men to recover from emotional trauma than women do. As a consequence, a man will always hide his emotions to prevent him from getting too upset, and is fearful of losing control of these emotions. Understanding your man at this point is the greatest gift of all.

Tip 4 – Men want women who are committed to their relationships

Men, in general, would prefer a trusting, committed relationship. No man would want a woman who’ll always look for the next best man to replace him. During tough times in a relationship, men want to know that their significant other will stick it out. Conventional wisdom tells you that what men want in women are pretty face, curvaceous figure and good sex but this is a misconception. In reality, commitment and trust are two very important things that every man wants in a woman.

Tip 5 – Men want confident and independent women

To attract your man, you should be confident and independent. Try as much as you can to live your life as you would if you didn’t have him. When you live your life, your man will never feel pressured to maintain the excitement all on his own. This also makes him want you more when you aren’t around him. For that reason, don’t focus on him 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with him.

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