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Tips on how to attract men

If you are finding it hard to attract a man, then perhaps there is something you are not getting right. Unlike women, men think differently, and any small mistake can turn off their attention from you. You need to learn how to grab their attention and let them know you are approachable.

In this article, we shall try to explore various steps of how to attract men. In addition to that, you will learn how to stay focused in your talk and, hopefully, start dating.

Read on to learn the ways of attracting a man and keeping him.

Here are six Tips of attracting men;
1. Make it low-key

If you are looking to attract a man, be sure to keep it low-key. Avoid showing them that you are desperate. Most men are attracted to the thrill of the chase, and if you keep chasing after him, then you are throwing away your chances of winning him. Try to make it low-key and keep him on his seat. Maintain your confidence and composure. This might get him to want your more.

2. Display intelligence and aptitude

When engaging in a conversation with him, show some intelligence and depth in your talk and avoid using sluggish words such as ‘um’ and ‘like’ every time. Be straight to the point. Showing your intellect will reveal your depth, and this might attract a man to want more of you. This new edge will create a center of attention for men more efficiently than coming across as dim.

3. Be Mysterious

Being mysterious is another great way of getting men your way. However, this is only true if you use this technique correctly. Avoid revealing every detail about your feelings or life. Instead, carefully think about what you say and avoid saying anything to fill the conversation. Also, you can disappear for a while and let him be unsure where you are and what you are doing.

4. Mind your appearance

Taking care of your appearance will also play a significant role in winning a man. Studies show that women who take care of their appearance are likely to attract men than women who do not care about their appearance. Brush your teeth well and be sure to keep gum and mints on hand. Use feminine scented perfumes and deodorants. Also, freshen up using nice-smelling bath products. Remember to keep your hair clean and neat. You can also nice-scented hair spray. If a guy sees you and your hair are not well kept, he is not likely to get attracted to you.

5. Be fun

Here, I don’t mean you go watching and repeating jokes from Kevin Hart or Eddie Griffin. The rule is here is quite straightforward and easy to learn. Be able to do fun things with him like playing video games, watching sports, telling jokes and try to find passion in the things that he enjoys. Doing these simple things with him might get him attracted to you and to want more of you.

6. Be sexy

Another important tip: dress to kill and take pride in your sexy look. However, you should only remember to dress in clothes which you are confident in. For instance, if you are not confident in a mini-skirt, you can choose something else that makes you feel comfortable.

Most importantly, be sure to consider your figure and choose feminine clothing that fit your body curves just right. Depending on your likes, you can choose any color although I would recommend red or pink. Here, the most important thing you should know is that men are attracted to sexy colors.

By now, you should know what it takes to get a man coming after you. The above tips will only help you in attracting the man you want. However, you should learn ways of keeping a man and staying married.

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