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Some women find married life to be very difficult. Why? They don’t know what their husbands need from them. Honestly, these differences began when you were as young as 12 years old. For instance, a 12-year old girl would spend hours on the phone gossiping with her friends about Mary’s hairstyle, who she sat next to at lunch time and more.

A 12-year old boy would never do this. He doesn’t want to dissect in detail what Tom meant when he didn’t set next to him at lunch. Instead, he’d rather play chess or basketball. While playing his games, the focus is on the game and not what his friend felt about the game.

When women go into a marriage, they do it for the marriage. Men go into a marriage for the woman. For the woman, it’s a package deal – you get the kids, the guy, the house and more. For the man, the woman is central. In other words, he may love the kids, the house and the car but he just wants the wife to be happy. Even though it sounds simple, understanding men can be difficult.

The Male Brain and Emotion

The first step to understanding men is that the male brain is different from the female brain. Both brains have same structures at similar places but the wiring is different. For instance, men have fewer neural connections between the left and right sides of the brains. This is the reason as to why men process emotions differently.

So, what do husbands want from their wives?

Husbands would rather feel unloved than disrespected and inadequate

Any heterosexual marriage would not thrive happily if there’s no respect between the man and his woman. Your man need to know that you respect him not only privately but also publicly. In fact, men thrive better when they know that their wives admire them, believe in them and trust them. For example, you should praise and compliment your husband in front of others.

Men are also insecure

A man’s role is to take care of his family and provide for his wife. If he feels that he isn’t cutting it in life, he starts to feel insecure. A man may never vocalize this, but inside, he is secretly vulnerable. The cure for this is affirmation. To men, affirmation from their wives is everything. If you don’t give him this, he will seek it elsewhere.

A man’s anger is usually a response to feeling disrespected by his wife

In most cases, when your husband is angry at you, it’s because he feels that something you did is humiliating and disrespectful. He may not come out and say ?ou are disrespecting me’.

Men want more sex

Women assume that men just want more sex to satisfy their needs. However, the main reason as to why men want more sex is because they want to feel desired by their wives. They just need to be wanted.

Men struggle really hard with visual temptation

When it comes to women, a vast majority of men respond to visual images. This applies to all men, including the godly husbands. Men can avoid noticing a woman who dresses in a way that draws attention to her body. Your husband may choose whether to dwell on these memories and images or not, but he can’t control when these images appear.


Understanding men is not that hard. All you have to do is respect them, be loyal and fulfill their sexual desires. However, this doesn’t mean that you should always give him that cookie even when you aren’t in the mood. Make him feel wanted.

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