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Prepping for marriage these days is like prepping for a job -it takes thorough and deliberate action to get and keep a husband. These days, job search is like a full time job, given that an applicant needs to scout and apply for at least a hundred jobs a day to be able to land one within a few months, or even a year. Scouting for a husband is similar, though not necessary as intensive, but you get the picture!

The process of prepping for a good husband begins in the mid-teen years to early twenties, and then on to thirties, or even forties if marriage hadn’t happened yet. The process requires making physical, psychological, emotional, economic, social, and even spiritual preparations towards attracting and keeping eligible men as husbands. The prepping is usually preceded by acquisition of some quality education and landing of a good job. And after that, a packaging and “branding” of sorts ensures that the woman is able to attract countless proposals from eligible men and prospective husbands.

Please note that there is a difference between keeping a man for sex, and landing a husband, hopefully for life.

For men it is mostly physical!

As far as most men are concerned, the most important factor that first attracts them to women is the LOOKS. Before a man would even think of approaching a woman for anything, he must DESIRE her, meaning that he must want to have intimate relations with her -he must desire her SEXUALLY.

This does not mean that he wants only sex from her, or that he would overlook other faults she may have -though a lot of men do in fact overlook a woman’s fault because of her looks, fact! but most decent men look for much more than looks and sex before deciding to have a woman for keeps as in a marriage.

On this point, most men are totally unteachable and would never drop the concept. Even those who pretend to not care about the looks only wake up later to cheat on their wives or even divorce when they inadvertently find themselves in relationship with women other than their wives.

Yes it is as important as that! Basic animal sexual instincts lead most men’s attention in women.

Therefore it cannot be overemphasized that a woman should be desirable to a man before he can propose marriage. The good news is that there are many ways, these days, by which an average looking woman can transform herself into an above average “damsel”, the type desired by most men.

Like mentioned before, the look alone may not land a husband, but it sure would provide a fighting chance -a foot in the door, so to speak! Once a woman is transformed, the men will start coming, and then, depending on the effectiveness of the “packaging” in addition to the remaining attributes discussed below, the lady gets to be the one eliminating the undesirable men, and zeroing in on a good choice of a husband.

Her Face: A woman’s face (shape of the face, size and shape of eyes, lips, cheeks, and chin) plays an important role in a man’s perception of her desirability. Again the good news is that this is one of easiest things to transform in a woman. All it takes is a mindset, a skill-set and makeup which are readily available. The hair also support the face and need to be transformed and kept good.

Her Physique: A woman’s physique is an attribute that is firmly wired in a man’s psyche, and each man is different in his valuation of that attribute. Again, the way each man desires a woman’s physique is personal and ranges from the most feminine of physique to the least feminine (or even a little masculine) of the female physique. What can be argued is that MOST men prefer feminine physiques and are innately attracted to it. Techniques abound that improve a woman’s feminine physique, from exercise, to dieting, to dressing, to even cosmetic surgery.

Her Stride: Part of the “look factor” is the way a woman walks . A lot of women aren’t really that good looking, but the way they walk distinguish them and set them ahead of the competition. Overall, a man’s perception of a woman’s desirability is linked to his belief in her fertility. Apart sexual companionship, men marry to have children, and most men avoid women who they instinctively perceive as infertile. Research has shown that men can somehow guess a woman’s fertility just by observing the way she walks.

Her Scent: Even the scent of a women plays a critical role in her physical appeal, and her desirability with men, hence it is advisable that a woman who is looking for a husband must wear good perfumes ALWAYS, especially seductive ones that contain pheromones.

Her Dress: Dressing also plays an important role in a woman’s desirability, and as such a woman who seeks a husband must always dress “good” (attractive, sexy, desirable, graceful). It does not mean that she needs to dress like a slot -it does however mean that she needs to change her wardrobe fairly regularly, and get rid of over conservative or slotty dresses. It simply means that she needs to convince a man, through her dressing that she is fertile, clean, fresh, sexy, homely, graceful and therefore “wifely”.

Psychological remnant of the equation

A lot of the times women fail to pin down what men want from a woman. Countless stories abound about men who left their wives of many years for “a slot who dropped out of high school”. The short answer is that men are PHYSICAL in outlook while women are emotional. Men SEE and act, while women FEEL before acting.


There are teeming population of slots and dirty women out there; while prepping for marriage, a lady should not be one of them! Strike a perfect balance between a slot and a near virgin -a lot of men look for virgins, but some virgins don’t necessarily make good wives because they lack real life experience necessary to hold a man’s fleeting attention- that is why the term “near virgin” was used, meaning a lady with real life experience, but who is moderate and willing to settle down in a home with a man and children.

Dresses that enhance the size of the hips, breasts, and butt as much as reasonable is the way to go, again within reason.

Most men use those parts of the woman body to guesstimate a woman’s possible fertility.

That may not be scientific, but it is a primordial part of most men’s psychology as they seek fertile women to settle down with.

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