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Everyone understands that sex is important to a marriage, but not everyone understands HOW?

Most people simply conclude that QUANTITY defines the expectations of good sex in a relationship, or a marriage, but this can be mistaken. Each individual -man or woman- differs in his or her view of, and appetite for, sex. Measurement of sexual expectation is both quantitative and qualitative, and they range from no sex at all and pristine sex on the one end of the spectrum, to mind-blowing and near insatiable sexual encounter on the other end.

Here, the famous saying “to each his own” firmly holds sway.

But one thing that can be safely said is that most responsible men know when a woman delivers a unique tailor-made sexual package to the relationship. These men do not expect a woman to be a “whore” or a “slut” -they just know when the woman has gone the extra mile to get deep into a man’s heart. These men are attentive to things other men aren’t.

A man is mainly interested in keeping a woman sexually to himself alone, and that is why men really marry.

For a woman to “hook” a man, she must make him want to keep her all to himself, and the tips here will help to understand how.

Let’s sample three instances:

The first is a woman who comes across to most observers as “dowdy”, naive and inexperienced; probably dresses poorly or less fashionably, and talks very little -basically someone a man would expect to be shy in bed. And then comes the night (or day) of the sexual encounter between the man and this woman. If she delivers a “whore grade” sex in that encounter, the man would likely feel one of these two:

(1) She went the extra mile to please him, and so he must have done something special to achieve that -she indirectly bolsters his sexual ego; or

(2) She is a hidden “freak” that nobody has discovered yet, and he would want to keep that way.

He would want to keep her to himself -all for himself -before other men discover this and increase the courtship and conjugal competition. That is a typical man’s thinking!

The second example is a woman who most observers would see as urbane, though “street-wise”. Most men would think that this lady would be a dream catch, and so would not really expect certain behavior from her in or out of the bedroom. She would be expected to be proud and haughty. She may not be expected to, for example, initiate sex, because the men see her as the feminist or “women liberation” type. But if this same lady were to prove totally submissive in bed, even initiate sex, and finish with a “thank you note” to the man, this would catch the man totally off-guard and make him see her in totally different light. This is possible because of the inner workings of a man’s psychology.

It would -again- also make him want to keep this fact about this lady hidden and to himself alone. In other words, he wants her for himself alone -for marriage!

The third example is a woman who most observers would see as a “whore” or “slut” but who nevertheless possesses other qualities that attracted the man in the first place, such as good job, education, and good looks. Most men may go into a relationship with this lady to conduct a “hit and run”, but they can be caught for marriage if this lady pulls a totally unexpected sexual behavior on the man. She may, for example, totally deny him sex or offer very few, but consequential moves while in the act and, while at it, “cum” hard for him. Most experienced men don’t expect experienced women to orgasm easily, if at all, because they reason that the lady “has been around” and would have been completely desensitized to the simplest of sexual stimuli. Women still underestimate the weight and impact of their orgasm on men.

A little anecdote helps here: A certain traveling man contracted a prostitute for a night of sex, and ended up marrying her because she kept orgasming throughout the whole night of their encounter, and in the morning she rejected his money, and went her way. In another of his trip, he sought her out, and later married her! Yes, men value orgasms, especially when delivered severally in one encounter by a “whore”. The man felt that he did what other men couldn’t do with this woman and felt appreciated for a “job well done”. Ego and men are inseparable Siamese twins!

Having covered three broad categories of women in the sexual world, it is pertinent to conclude on the key point: Men want special and unique sexual experience with the lady that they would marry. There is no one size fits all in this, as every man and every woman is different. The key is to understand that a man marries “to keep” a woman mainly for special sexual companionship. Other qualities a woman may posses only help to make the marriage more joyful and fulfilling. His heart races when he knows that his woman is a hidden sexual package of sorts that only he knows and enjoys all by himself. That is why infidelity from a woman hurts a man more that the reverse. Men thrive on ego.

So, when next that moment of truth arrives, be sure to over-deliver on his expectations, even positively shock him, and you would be ahead of the competition; no doubt.

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