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Make him want to marry you or stay married to you

It takes just a few tips to make a man fall in love with you, but getting married and staying in marriage is however difficult. This doesn’t have to be difficult anymore in here are pieces of advice and guidance to empower women to marry and stay married particularly in heterosexual marriages.

Tips on how to make him fall for you
· Try to look as much like him as possible

Nothing turns a man on than a woman who has similar interests like his. If you copy some of the things he does like dressing like him occasionally, means you are open to his interests. This also will remind your partner of himself. Show interest in the movies he likes and activities he enjoys and rest assured he’ll be yours for ever.

· Be there for him when he needs you most

A man will appreciate your support and you being there for him even if you don’t understand why he is so upset. Whether he’s lost his job, his business is not doing so well or he’s missed out an important opportunity, be there for him and show support.

· Make him laugh

Men love to be with women who not only are full of life but also those who make them laugh a lot. You make them laugh you make them happy and that will make him want to be with you all the time.

Once you have him fall in love with you he’ll definitely find you suitable for marriage. How do you ensure you stay married to him for the longest period possibly till death?

How to stay in marriage
· Learn how to disagree to agree

In marriage you have to understand that you are different people and bound to disagree. Therefore in order to help your marriage last longer, you need to know how to disagree to agree. This will help you solve problems in your marriage when they come. Learn to disagree without shouting or upsetting him. If there is anything find offensive, correct him with love.

· Prioritize the relationship between husband and wife

Nothing is more important in marriage than the relationship between husband and wife. If you let other things like children, career, finances and personal pursuit become most important, trouble sets in. it is important to have you marriage above everything else.

· Proper communication and time for your spouse

Learn how to communicate with your partner; this will help you a lot in strengthening your marriage. Appreciate your spouse as often as possible and learn to use the following words to better your relationship. “I love you”, “I understand”, “I’m sorry”, “I’m here for you” and “thank you” among others. Besides, maximize the time you spend with your spouse- this will make you bond even more.

· Respect

Men love women who respect them, do not treat your man as if you are superior to him even if you earn much more income than he does. If you treat your man with respect and love, you leave him with no choice but to love you back and stay true and committed to you.


And that is how you can make a man fall for you and stay in marriage as a woman.

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