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By George & Joy Irish

When it comes to marriage, who wants to marry someone that doesn’t look good?

We hate to be shallow, but the truth is that, marrying a really hot man is pretty ideal for any woman. It’s hard to imagine a woman that is going to leave ‘hot guy’ off the list of what she looks for in a guy. Maybe she’ll leave it off the open list she tells her friends about so as to not seem shallow… but there’s a reason that the ‘he has to make me laugh‘ requirement is also entrenched in that list.

Well, if you want to hook up with and marry a really hot man, you’ve got to have a relatively long term plan. Unless you’re a born pro, getting the interest (and the life commitment) of a hot guy is pretty difficult; after all, you have a lot of other ladies to compete against to get his attention. Attractive guys are used to having women fall into their laps; people come up to them, and they take that for granted. It makes sense. But if a woman had been able to draw him in and get him to marry her successfully, then he wouldn’t be out there available for the taking, would he?

The first thing you need to know about this? It’s not going to be easy. So, if you want to marry a hot guy, he may not just  fall into your lap. Scratch that– he’s DEFINITELY not going to just fall into your lap.

If it were that simple, every woman would be walking around with some decent arm candy.

Hot men sometimes prefer to remain single, or delay marriage; but they are also sometimes taken unawares by clever women on a mission, and find themselves head over heels in love, even with the most ordinary of women. Yes, it happens. They can enter into serious relationships with women -some good-looking, and other ordinary ones when they least expected.

That means that some of the cute guys out there will be open to dating, and marriage, even if they don’t know it yet. If you want to bag a hot guy, you’ve got to be the woman that intrigues him, unsettles him in the most unpredictable way, get under his skin somehow thereby disorganizing and defeating his defenses against marriage. Basically, you’ve got to be the whole package from the jump. That may seem tough, but even if you’re not the whole package now, you can be.

But perhaps the most important point to bear in mind is that you must be willing, and able, to pull a pleasantly unexpected move on him, one way or another. Mind you, he is used to ladies flinging themselves at him. He needs a different, but effective act, from you.

The first stone on the foundation of your “get-a-hot-man-to-marry-me” strategy would be that you get educated enough (Bachelor’s degree or at least Associates), and have a job even if a low paying one. Men value utilitarian women -someone that can still be useful long after the beauty had faded; someone to help -no matter how little- if the family economy goes south. That will not make him hook up with you, but it will play a critical role in his decision to marry you.

Hooking Up

The best way to meet a hot man is to socialize -this is an obvious point. Go to the hot spots, get out there and do some things you usually may not do. Go to your nearest gym -hot guys go to the gym a lot; go to that swanky bar with the fifty different bottles of whiskey and scotch. Take a night out and go to the club– you’ll be sure to meet people there. You want to meet a guy, you’ve got to do what the attractive people do: rock climbing, clubbing, going to concerts– everyone does that and the hot men do too. After all, they’re always getting multiple offers to go do things from people. They’ll be there.

Get your mind in the right frame and do these with dedication when you get close enough: (1) Look at him straight in the eyes; (2) Strut -walk with slight swinging of hips and majestic cat walk- when he is behind you; (3) Touch him lightly on the arms when an opportunity presents itself; (4) Giggle at his jokes; (5) Wear red or other sexy color whenever you expect to come in contact with him; (6) Discuss intelligently whenever you converse with him; (7) Speak with a sexy voice whether high pitched or more mature female tone; (8) Wear a good perfume; (9) Finally, relax and present an air of confidence around yourself.

To break it down more, if you don’t have a single new item of clothing from the last month that was bought seasonally, get one. Get several. Update your wardrobe and make it something that is ultimately universally flattering. At the same time (or before this ideally), start working out. Even if you have the best clothes in the world, if you’re out of shape then you will not look great regardless.

Drink a lot of water and eat good food (totally avoid junk foods), eat veggies and lots of fruits. This will help your skin to glow. Go long in your plans (months on). Avoid short term plans.

After you’ve prepped yourself well, psych yourself up by believing that you are the best package any man can get! Just tap into your more self-assured side and it will be easy from there on out. Go out with your friend, too, so you have someone to hang out with and even be your wing woman if needed (just make sure she’s a fun time and not prone to stealing them for herself!).

Eventually, one of these times that you are out you will spot a guy that is really attractive and you really want to talk to! Take the initiative and go for it. Bring along your drink, but according to Cosmopolitan.com’s article “How to Attract Men”, use a drink as a tool and not a crutch. Set it down when you’re talking to the hot guy to show him he’s your main focus, not your drink. From there, it’s back to basics. Laugh. Touch your face or hair. But do it in a subtle way. Right off the bat showcase the best of yourself, and be confident, not needy. Don’t act like you want it too much.

Engage him and get a conversation rolling. Don’t force the issue– if you don’t gel with him or he seems like not your type, then move on. If he’s really interested he’ll come after you, and if not, he’ll free you up to get to know the rest of the attractive men who are out and about that night. If you’re hitting it off and everything’s going great, suggest getting out of there and going somewhere quieter. If he agrees, you’re in, and you’ll be hooking up before you know it.

Getting Him to Marry You

So you’ve hooked up, and it’s gone great. But it’s still a totally different thing to go from hooking up to marriage. That’s a pretty big jump. Still, if you’ve gotten together it means that there’s chemistry and a connection. If you’ve got that, then the transition to dating before the eventual proposal shouldn’t be hard.

Let him reach out to you first after exchanging numbers; after your first meet -which hopefully you prepped well for- let his phone go without a call or text. He’s used to being chased. Breaking the pattern and being the girl that doesn’t need to follow up right away is intriguing. If he liked you at first, this will make him like you even more. When he calls and asks you to do something, “think about it” for a second. Then go ahead and accept, but keep it short and sweet.

Show up on the first date in a cute outfit with your hair and makeup  all done up, and do more than just flirt or hold hands– ask questions about who he really is. Nothing too prying, just general questions that show you want to get to know him more, that you are interested in some serious relationship. From these general questions, be able to ascertain whether he is a Casanova (a bad play boy), a lifetime bachelor (someone who would never marry no matter what), his beliefs in and practice of safe sex; and his hygiene culture. He’ll be unsettled a little, after-all women never asked him those lines of questions before, but if he’s clean he won’t take offense; he will be somewhat flattered and intrigued, and be that much more interested in you. Maintain a very accurate (and acute) mental records of his beliefs, because it will help you to pull a good surprise move on him later, getting under his skin, and ensuring that he would not be able to shake you off until he marries you.

You will intrigue him, he won’t know why: your presence will excite him, and he will enjoy your companionship.

Now that you’ve got his attention, you don’t have to try to reel him in like at the club or out and about. Make it clear that you are an attractive and confident woman, and you don’t do this with everyone. Just be yourself and be sweet and genuine. There’s something about a woman with a great personality in addition to physical and mental allure that makes her irresistible to some men.

On the night (or day) of the first sex date, make your killer move!

How, you may ask?

Well, assuming that you have been able to ascertain (through your long term careful observation of his beliefs) that he strongly believes in safe sex, meaning that he most likely would NEVER have unprotected sex, (most truly handsome men don’t) then, give him a mind blowing sex without a condom.

Seriously? Yes, BUT be sure to be safe.

If you cannot be certain of the safety of unprotected sex with him, stall him and get him to take an STD test first. Use every feminine technique to assure him that you are only interested in having unprotected sex with him, that you are not in a hurry to have sex; and gently nudge him to take that test. Make sure that he understands that you are a reserved woman who only have sex with people of serious interest. You can also take the test first and show him the result to encourage him to follow suit. If he is really interested in having you, he will take the test.

Before having unprotected sex, please be really sure that he is safe -use all tactics to ensure this.

Go here to learn some tips on how to do this. Do more research online.

Couples will eventually have unprotected sex at some point in their relationship, the key is to know when it is safe to do so.

Having assured yourself that he is safe, Do NOT EVER have that first sex with him with a condom, or he will “zone” you into the “one-of-the-women-he-slept-with” zone, and move on after dropping you like a piece of used condom. Most sexually active men can’t even remember the names of women they slept with using condoms, because they all felt the same. They mostly remember the few that they had sex with bare skin. A sample opinion.

Though bare-skin is still controversial, statistics  show that it is fairly common.

The key is to know the man well enough to ensure safety before sex.

After sex, take additional steps to ensure that you don’t get pregnant or contract diseases by following the advice outlined here.

Chances are that he has had many protected sex with many women before, but very few unprotected sex; again most really hot men fear unwanted pregnancy more than anything; they prefer condoms.

The men that easily go for unprotected sex are usually dregs of society with nothing to lose. Handsome men dread unwanted pregnancies, and by extension unwanted long-term relationships.

They reserve the pregnancies for the women they would marry. And that can be you!

During the sexual act proper, deliver a unique and memorable act -orgasm hard at least twice before the act is over. Don’t fake it. Handsome guys are sexually experienced, and they can easily spot fake orgasms. This first act is critical to your getting under his skin. This will set you apart, and cement a mental bond with you -very few truly handsome men have unprotected sex, and even fewer hot women have orgasms. So, your odds improve significantly as competition decreases.

Go here 

or here

to learn how to orgasm easily, and consistently.

After the sex date, disappear for a relatively long period from your normal circle where he sees you. Do not call, text him or make any form of contact. This will give him time to digest the experience, and also give him many sleepless nights as he wonders where you are and desperately wants to see you again. When you eventually “appear” later, be ready to play the “reluctant babe”; don’t agree to have sex again, just make up stories and let him wonder whether he “performed” well the first time. However constantly reassure him that he is the best you’ve ever had –that you just don’t have sex easily. This will make him appreciate that you did it once with him, and get you into his skin.

Make sure that he never sees you with any other man, because at this stage he is really thinking about having you all to himself -for marriage, possibly.

From there, “reluctantly” agree to another date. Just show up and be yourself! Be consistent– it’ll show him that you can be trusted and you’re not putting on a show. Treat him nicely and always be positive. Don’t try to change him. Just accept him for who he is and try to do things that he shows interest in.

Do couple things. Let your relationship grow naturally and evolve without forcing it. Once you’re in an official relationship, if you can keep things going positively and smoothly, it will only be a matter of time before he asks you to marry him.

Stay intriguing, and never let your game waver. Getting someone to be in a relationship with you is about intrigue and attraction; getting them to marry you is about being a beautiful person inside and out -someone they must have around to be “full”. All guys want to be themselves. If they can be themselves with you and happy to boot, then all you have to do is say “yes” when he pulls out that ring.

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