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Ladies, forget the common and biased saying that all men are the same—bad. There are many jewels out there just waiting to be found, but finding them is just the first step to a happy and lasting marriage. Unfortunately, many ladies do not know a good man until it is too late, and many more do not know how to keep their men not only on the leash but also happy. Here is a guide that you will definitely appreciate.

How to Find a Good Husband

There are numerous chances of finding a good husband. You can find your future husband when walking in the park, catching a bus, or dating online, just to mention a few possibilities. As such, it is important to always have an open mind and practice patience. Of course you will come into contact with numerous bad eggs seeking your attention, but do not lock out the good guys by assuming that all men are the same (remember the earlier advice). One day you might just come across a wonderful man dying to go out with you.

After meeting comes the tricky business of dating. Dating is fun (with the right man, of course), but it is also an important period that you should use to know your man better. Do not rush into things during this period, but make sure that you talk about issues that are important to you both to see where each one of you stand. It is safe to say that dating is the litmus test for determining whether a life together will be wonderful.

Marriage and Keeping Your Man Happy

Marriage is indeed glorious for some time after the ceremony, but it takes a lot of work from both parties to maintain the happiness. Your input will go a long way in upholding the marriage’s happiness and longevity. Here are some tested and proven tips on how to keep your man happy.

• Be Faithful

Being faithful is more than just avoiding extra-marital affairs; it entails making your man feel secure at all times. If your man feels insecure, the chances are that he will try to avoid you rather than talking about it. As such, give him the attention he deserves and occasionally demonstrate your loyalty to him through simple romantic gestures.

• Sex

Love and sex are two different things, but one can hardly do without the other; sex is one of the first things that should come to mind when you wonder how to keep your man happy. An active sex life will not only keep the grin on your husband’s face but also get his mind off any other women that he may find sexually attractive. As such, give your man his due whenever necessary (and possible) and spice it up with sexy lingerie and different sex positions.

• Maintain a Healthy Distance

Many men have the so-called “man caves” because they value their personal space. Your man is not any different, and as much as he may emphasize how he would not stand losing you he may also not stand always being around you. As such, let him know that he is free to have his personal time doing what he loves: hanging out with the boys, playing video games, or going out for an occasional drink.

• Appreciate Him

Sure, it is the man’s job to keep the family well-fed, clothed, and happy in many aspects. Nevertheless, he puts a lot of effort, time, and dedication into it, and some appreciation goes a long way in boosting his morale. As such, tell your man that you appreciate him and show it to him by doing sweet things such as cooking him his favorite meal or taking him out.


Many women who are lucky enough to have found their ideal husbands would fight to the end to retain their marriages. Good husbands are true gems, and you are guaranteed to find one if you search hard and keep an open mind. When you find the right man, do not shy away from marriage and keep the above tips in mind whenever you wonder how to keep your man happy.

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