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Q: What is the main goal of

A: To provide informational support to women who want to settle down with men in a marriage.

Q: Is the site only for women?

A: No, but the majority of the materials here are pro-women and woman-centric.

Q: Which women are you addressing?

A: Women from all over the world regardless of national origins, religion, race, class or economic status.

Q:Are you affiliated with any government or non-governmental advocacy group?

A: No, we are not.

Q: Do you believe that all women should marry?

A: No, we do not, though we believe that a lot of women need encouragement, and empowerment in some cases, to marry.

Q: What specific support do you provide as part of your efforts?

A: We only provide information that otherwise may not be available by researching the issue (mainly through literature review) and publishing our findings here.

Q: Are you licensed or trained to provide marriage counseling or guidance?

A: No, that is why we have a disclaimer/disclosure stating clearly that our information are not always peer-reviewed -we do not claim qualification or authority in the field. However, some of our materials are from published sources, and some may be peer-reviewed.

Q: Do you offer or market commercial products or recommend such here?

A: Yes, sometimes we do.