We at HUSBANDFORME.COM believe that human beings are becoming too intolerant of one another, and relationships between people as a whole have worsened with the increasing economic pressures and technology-induced disruptions of modern life.

Sex has replaced courtship in many instances -people date, have sex, and end it there without taking further steps to consolidate the relationship and plan a family.

More people think it a waste of time to get married or to invest their time, money and energy in building a family, and many fear marriage problems, and as such, would rather avoid it entirely.

Our goal here, therefore, is to push back a little on the side of marriage, and to use modern technology to support this old institution.

Here, we shall do our best to provide information and online resources from around the globe which encourage and empower women to seek and locate eligible men and, to marry and stay married, hopefully for life.


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